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Mighty Grip Special Formula Grip
Mighty Grip Special Formula Grip

Mighty Grip Special Formula Grip

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Mighty Grip Special Formula Grip


Long-lasting, time-released, thermoplastic formula. Much like its older brother, Mighty Grip Original Formula, the New ADVANCED Special Formula Grip “Black Label" guarantees to give you instant tack results that you are familiar with. The thermoplastic powder is designed to tackle cold weather and difficult situations.

The Grip that won't Slip! 1/4 ounce of powder. Enough for up to 150 applications. HEAT ACTIVATED, apply after warm-ups and stretching. The thermoplastic powder is heat activated by the body, the warmer the body the better the action.
*This product is not recommended for overly sweaty hands.

  • Tacky grip lasts hours with a thermoplastic material 
  • Reactivates and intensifies easily...just rub your hands together creating heat 
  • Won't transfer to your clothes or gear
We Guarantee ALL Mighty Grip Products.

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