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Mighty Grip - Original Formula Grip
Mighty Grip - Original Formula Grip

Mighty Grip - Original Formula Grip

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Mighty Grip - Original Formula Grip


This thermoplastic wax powder can be applied to the skin to produce a non-slip grip. It can be applied to any part of the body. It's gentle action allows dancers to maintain proper grip and balance control while advancing movements on the pole. 1/4 ounce bottle of powder is enough for a 150 hand applications.

MIGHTY GRIP is best applied after warm ups and stretching. Since Mighty Grip is HEAT ACTIVATED by the body, the warmer the body the better the action.  

*This product is not recommended for overly sweaty hands.

  • Tacky grip lasts hours with thermoplastic material 
  • Reactivates and intensifies easily... just rub your hands together creating heat 
  • Light, odorless, tasteless, and colorless powder
  • Won't transfer to your clothes or gear
We Guarantee ALL Mighty Grip Products.

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