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Dew Point Classic Mini
Dew Point Classic Mini

Dew Point Classic Mini

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Dew Point Pole naturally moisturizes your skin while increasing your grip on the pole. With this revolutionary new moisturizer you no longer have to choose between dry skin OR the pole. You can have it all!

Works well with Mighty Grip powder for that added grip.

Have you ever had trouble getting Mighty Grip to stay on your skin when you are trying to apply it? We know if you are one of those dry skin folks out there this can be an issue. But, being the innovators that we are, of course we have found a solution! Use Mighty Grip in conjunction with Dew Point Pole. Here's how it works. You spray a small amount of Dew Point Pole on the skin first (on the body but NOT the hands), let it dry and then apply Mighty Grip. Bam! The Dew Point Pole gives your dry skin just enough oil free moisture to keep the Mighty Grip on your skin. 

  • Oil free

  • Not Tacky, Greasy or Chalky

  • Moisturizes without being slippery

  • A grip agent that is actually good for your skin

  • Available in Light, Medium and Ultra

  • Perfect for pole dancing, silks, aerial hoop and more!

How do I know which formula is right for me?

The formulas are named based upon the amount of moisture they give, Light delivering the least amount and Ultra the highest. It also reacts to the environment you are in, making the climate a factor.

So, you might want to try the light if:

  • You live in a very humid climate or if your skin is not very dry.

You might want to try the medium if:

  • You live in a humid climate and your skin is very dry.

  • You have average skin and your climate fluctuates, sometimes it is more humid or dry than others.

  • You are unsure which formula to get, this gives you a good starting point.

You may want to try the Ultra if:

  • You live in a dry climate and your skin is dry.

  • You live in an average climate but your skin is very dry

Many of our customers use 2 formulations. One for Winter when it is drier and one for summer when it is usually a bit more humid. We also have customers that use one formula for when they are home and another formula to suit the climate of wherever it is they may be going for competitions/tours/performances

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