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Pole Move Box

Pole Move Box

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The inside of the box There are 5 different chapters which are separated by transparant named taps. Starting with moves/holds, followed by spins, inverts/mounts, climbs/seats and stands. The box it self contains almost 500 moves, holds, spins, inverts, mounts, climbs, seats and stands. The box comes with this nice pink bag and contents list. To make it easy to re-organise after your workout. The almost 500 cards inside the box are alphabetically ordered in their own category and printed on strong paper. The cover comes with extra explanation on how                                                         you can use the box.


The new box is almost the same, but with almost 500 moves (instead of the 350 we had in the First edition, old one is not availible any more!)

We spiced up the color of the box, is now beautiful pink (instead of grey)

The list of models has grown also, besides our Dutch models we have included all the upgrade cards in this box.

New pictures with Vanessa Costa, SallyAnn Giles, Caterina Gennaro,but also Anastasia Skukhotorova, Evgeny Greshilov and  

                                                                    Marion Crampe.          


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